Fill Me

I registered a personal domain,, not only because it's simple, memorable, and personal, but also because I want this to be a place people can come when they're running on empty and need to be filled with positivity, inspiration, and hope.

My name has always been used as a homonym (for better and for worse!), so I figure why not embrace it? Fill Me!

Now, to be fair, I'll fall short in my goal to always be positive in blogging. I already have! It's easier to be negative, honestly. Anger and injustice are great motivators to write. When I sit to write an article, email, or letter to right a wrong, defend myself, or weigh in on a nagging issue of the day, the words write themselves. I get to the end feeling good, like a weight has been lifted. But how do you, my valued reader, feel?

While I'm not perfect, "fill me" will serve as a guiding light, and this published article will serve as the standard I should be held to, a measuring stick for all future articles. Even in times when I write about controversial or frustrating issues, I challenge myself to rise above the temptation to put people down or throw a temper tantrum and litter the internet with negativity. The internet is filled with enough negativity without my two cents.

Instead, come here and say, "Fill me with hope!" Because while conflict and negativity may be cathartic for the writer and addictive to the reader, hope gives life meaning. And what better purpose for writing?