SOLVED: Jumpy Scrolling on LG V30 (or Any Android)

As a phone upgrade was long overdue, I was excited to pull the trigger on an LG V30. On the whole, the phone has lived up to the hype, but from day one, I've been disappointed by intermittent jumpy scrolling in certain apps. I searched for a solution, but no one else seems to be experiencing the issue. I chalked it up to a software bug that would be fixed with a future LG system update and, as I haven't had time to troubleshoot, I put up with it for the last few months.

Today, I finally stumbled on the solution, and it turns out, the issue has nothing to do with LG's hardware or software. The culprit: LastPass.

Turn off the LastPass Service in Android Settings > Accessibility > Services > LastPass.

LastPass Service Settings

Since I turned the LastPass Service off, scrolling has been buttery smooth. The LG V30 is a fantastic phone, and I've always been a fan of LG products, so I'm glad the performance issue isn't LG's. If you're experiencing performance issues with your Android device, before you point the finger at the manufacturer, be sure to check the apps you installed, especially apps that run as a service, like LastPass.

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